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The following courses are offered in WS 22/23: 

Lecture 'Entwicklungspsychologie I' ('Entwicklungspsychologie II' in the summer semester) - 720416

The focus of this lecture is on the first half of development across the lifespan (the second half will be covered in Developmental Psychology II). Topics covered in this lecture include biological and brain development as well as cognitive, emotional and social development to adulthood. 

Students will be familiarised with the prevalent methods, theoretical models and current scientific insights in developmental psychology. The lecture will be in German. 

720416 VO Entwicklungspsychologie I

Lecture 'Spezielle Themen der Entwicklungspsychologie' - 720442

This lecture introduces current research and research methods in developmental psychology across the lifespan with a special focus on pathological or clinically relevant developmental phenomena such as ADHD or dementia. Topics of the lecture will also be presented by (also english) guest lectures of experts in developmental research. 

Students will get to know current research and research methods in developmental psychology across the lifespan. They will be in particular familiarised with pathological or clinically relevant developmental phenomena and will be able to exchange with developmental researchers invited for guest lectures on such topics. The lecture will be in German. 

720442 VO Spezielle Themen der Entwicklungspsychologie

'Seminar zur Grundlagen und Anwendungsvertiefung' 'SuperAgers' - 720470

We all know that cognitive abilities change over the lifespan, which typically increase towards adulthood and decline in ageing. However, another well known phenomenon in ageing is that there are large interindividual differences in cognitive abilities with some older adults - so called 'super agers' - maintaining a cognitive level typical for 20 year olds. We try to understand which factors in the brain and in lifestyle might be crucial for allowing people to be 'super agers', and how we might strive to become super agers ourselves. The seminar will be in German.

720470 SE Seminar zur Grundlagen- und Anwendungsvertiefung: 'Super Agers' - was kann man tun um kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit im Alter zu erhalten?

'Forschungsseminar für Bachelor I' - 720513

Do you know the scence from ‚Sherlock’ where he is unmasking a liar by taking her pulse and watching her pupil dilate? Have you asked yourself whether we can learn something about inner cognitive or emotional processes by observing external physiological markers? If yes, this seminar might be for you. We will study physiological measures that can be acquired with so-called ‚eyetracking cameras’, so eye movements and pupil dilations. Together we will try to understand what these measures can tell us about physiological processes in the brain, as well as emotional and cognitive functions. We will also try to identify useful applications for these measures in clinical contexts. The seminar will be in German.

720513 SE Forschungsseminar I

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